Monday, July 4, 2011

Modern Family

My beloved dollhouse from the '80's is a Pepto Bismol Pink Victorian. Its walls are swathed in mismatching chintz, its furniture is quintessential Shabby Chic.  The most high tech thing about it is the fact that that we paid  for a guy to put working lights in it.  I remember the dollhouse store vividly. It sold every miniaturized accessory you could imagine (down to a "Shabbat Set"- wine glasses and challah which I of course had, Natch), and the people who worked there looked like I had seen them on an episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras."  So it doesn't seem right to me to call this Brinca Dada beauty a "dollhouse".  Architect's model home, perhaps?  And yet, it is a dollhouse, perfect for your budding architect or design aficianado (and begs the question: Who says dollhouses are just for girls anyways?)   The one pictured here is the "Emerson", but they sell a few different styles, as well as super modern accessories and "dolls" for your kids' my mini dream house.

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