Monday, July 11, 2011

Style Craving: Push Pop Cupcakes

Birthday Cake, we know you've been feeling a little left out lately.  What with all the cool new kids on the party block- from cupcakes to cake pops- it may seem like it's hard to keep up.   Don't worry, we all know that the in crowds come and go, but there is one new guy you may have heard of that may give you a run for your frosting: the Push Pop Cupcake.   Moveover cupcake, sayonara cake pop, this guy is hand held, easy to make, adorable, and customizable.  The ones pictured above are courtesy of Sugarbaby's .  For you DIY'ers out there: just (1) order the push pop holders here or here, (2) buy a pack of mini cupcakes at an grocery store, or bake your own in mini muffin pans, and stick them (2 or 3 each) in a push pop holder, and then decorate the containers with stickers or lables.  A few examples of labels made especially for push pops can be found at Belle Party Accessories.  But don't worry, Birthday Cake, we won't forget you.  Afterall, we all know that old friends are the best friends :).   


Anonymous said...

love these! so cute for a birthday party and less mess! ~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

love these!!