Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Call Me the (Summer) Bag Lady

Summer is in full swing (at least every few days, here in Chicago) and what better way to spend a day than packing the kids up and heading to the beach.  But using your standard diaper bag is a risky proposition.  I still am finding pesky grains of sand at the bottom of mine long from last summer.  You want a  beach bag big enough to throw in all of your kids stuff Mary Poppins-style, but still stylish enough so you aren’t actually mistaken for Miss Poppins.  The solution:  Iomoi Custom Canvas Totes.  They have a million preppy-chic and tongue in cheek designs you can personalize with your name or monogram.   While there are several sizes, I went with the Extra Large Tote, and believe me, it’s not small.  But when you have 3 kids under 3, your choices always revolve around one adjective: BIG.  And as a bonus, it’s big enough that it works as great camoflauge for those of you like me who decided to get in shape for summer... after summer already started... ;)

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